my name is Wolfgang. I'm a 28 year old photographer living in a small village in the south-east of Bavaria, Germany.

I started my hobby back in 2015 with my first system camera i bought by myself. Back then i had no specific genre and tried many different types of photography whether it has been people, macro or landscape. 

Throughout the years i tought myself how to shoot and handle a camera properly. I build up my knowledge about shooting and editing with books, through other photographers and always challenging myself getting the best shot possible. In the mean time my genres became landscape and nature photography. This hobby intensified in late 2018 when i started to put more effort and time into exploring and traveling mostly the region i live in. But i would say my biggest interest today lays in the countries far north.

I grew up near the bavarian alps and spent a lot of time there since my childhood. As you can imagine, hiking became my favourite outdoor activity at a young age. The combination of beeing in the nature and taking photos now created my biggest passion. My main interest still lays in the experince of beeing outdoors with all the exhausting struggle of hiking and getting rewarded with the best views afterwards. I like to feel the heat or cold, a breeze or strong winds, dry air or pouring rain. Every condition is worth the tour and all the photographs i bring home are a bonus on top.

I hope you enjoy the picturized moments i share with you.

Yours faithfully,

Wolfgang Falter

Falter.W Photography



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